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Deejays Association of Nigeria Endorses AmfestExpo 2018

Deejays Association of Nigeria Endorses AmfestExpo 2018

The Deejays Association of Nigeria (DJAN), the umbrella body that covers  all event and party Disc Jockeys in Nigeria, has become the latest body to throw the full weight of its support behind AmfestExpo Lagos 2018.

According to the statement to the AmfestExpo Lagos 2018 team, signed by the National president of DJAN, Tade Adeyemi: “AmfestExpo2018 would be a vibrant step in taking our culture globally as well as help our industry practitioners gain value for their respective crafts and talents”

the full statement of the letter of endorsement reads thus

On behalf of the Deejays Association of Nigeria, We are writing to you concerning the African Music and Cultural Expo to be held in Lagos Nigeria in 2018.

We would like to take the opportunity to express our support for your Lagos 2018 event as it would be a vibrant step in taking our culture globally as well as helping our industry practitioners get value for their respective crafts and talents.

In conclusion, we are appealing to all stakeholders including the Lagos state government to lend support in making this proposal an annual global networking event as it would lead to growth and positive attention towards our beloved country

 Because of this letter of endorsement, DJAN has now joined other prominent individuals like the  Soun of Ogbomoso and Alibaba who have endorsed AmfestExpo2018


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  2. […] DJAN, as part of their support for Amfest Expo 2018 will provide Music entertainment all through the 5-day event. They will do a  Deejay showcase on during the day event (In agreement with music day producer). They will provide the best of male and female deejays to serve as music support for  the other Amfest Expo events (film, fashion, food, music, visual arts & throughout the  trade fair). DJAN will also provide Choice deejays  to work with & support the vision of the producers of each segment of the event . […]

  3. […] Jimmy Jatt will be a speaker at the DJ summit  coming up on the Amfest Expo Lagos 2018 Music day and he will be contributing his considerable […]

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