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About AMFEST EXPO 'Lagos 2018'

AMFEST EXPO is laden with the responsibility of expanding Africa’s creativity economy into the
global market. African practitioners in the area of music, fashion, film, food and creative arts
have the potential of being the biggest creative business people in the world. We have always
heard that business wise Africa is termed the Dark Continent because the global economy have
very little information about this geographical space. AMFEST EXPO has taken up the responsibility
of introducing Africa to the world and vice – versa. AMFEST EXPO is the largest creative
business networking platform in Africa.

The AMFEST EXPO ‘LAGOS 2019’ Is a 3 day B2B business event packed with Conferences,
Showcase Festivals and Exhibitions for the African Women in the Creative Industry.

AMFEST EXPO is about networking the African Entertainment,
Arts and Culture business ecosystems to the global market.

The goal of AMFEST EXPO is to organise the African creative industry, build a bridge between
her practitioners and the global business ecosystems, to foster growth in culture and business
exchange among all stakeholders. Maybe one day, we will see African delicacies in the menu
books of 5star restaurants around the world to cater for a growing African consumers in those
areas. Maybe we will have an African Musician heading Coachella and Glastonbury Festivals.
Maybe soon we will have African creative directors in Valentino, Roberto Cavalli etc. Maybe we will have Paramount pictures distributing African produced & directed films soon. We hope to start what consummates into such relationships in from now and into the next 5 years on the AMFEST EXPO platform.