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Expanding your global reach

Meet Our Ambassadors: Mandisa Mamba

As part of our Amfest Expo 2018 Ambassadors showcase, we are proud to present another of our illustrious ambassadors to you, Swazi musician Mandisa Mamba. Mandisa Mamba from Swaziland in Southern Africa  is a versatile  singer/songwriter who has been active since 2016. She has achieved major success in her home country and is regarded as one…
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The Amfest Expo Story: Interview With Kayode Adebayo

Hello folks, it is nice to have you here again. we are always happy to share information about Amfest Expo, Lagos 2018 with you. I hope you have the July 2-July 6 2018 date of the event marked off in your calendars? From today, in addition to information about those who have been confirmed for the event, the partners and…
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