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Expanding your global reach

Meet Our Ambassadors: Mandisa Mamba

As part of our Amfest Expo 2018 Ambassadors showcase, we are proud to present another of our illustrious ambassadors to you, Swazi musician Mandisa Mamba. Mandisa Mamba from Swaziland in Southern Africa  is a versatile  singer/songwriter who has been active since 2016. She has achieved major success in her home country and is regarded as one…
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Meet Our Ambassadors: Kwaku T.

Amfest Expo is only a week away, and as a result we are doing a showcase of the ambassadors to the event. The ambassadors are internationally known creatives and entertainers based within and outside Africa. We are proud to showcase them as our ambassadors. And we start off by introducing one of Ghana’s most popular faces in entertainment…
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Confirmed For Amfest Expo Lagos 2018: Binetou Sylla

We are delighted to welcome to the Amfest Expo 2018 Music Day, no less a personality than the acclaimed African Queen of World Music herself, Binetou Sylla, who has confirmed that she will be speaking at the event. Binetou, Sylla, 30, born in France to Senegalese parents, has been  the Director of Syllart Records, a Paris, France based…
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Confirmed For AmfestExpo Lagos 2018: Ni Bing

As The July 2nd date of Amfest Expo, Lagos 2018 draws nearer, panelists on various days of the weeklong event have started sending in their confirmations to speak at the event. With the likes of DJ Jimmy Jatt and Alex Oke  having already confirmed their appearance, the latest international panelist to send in their confirmation is…
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Confirmed For AMFEST Expo’ 18: DJ Jimmy Jatt

As we approach the July 2nd date of  AMFEST Expo 2018, Panelists from around the world have started sending their confirmations of their attendance at the event. One of the panelists who has confirmed that he will be speaking at the event  is one of Nigeria’s foremost DJs DJ Jimmy Jatt. Oluwaforijimi  Adewale Amu , professionally referred to…
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Amfest Expo 2018 Music Day Producer: Deejays Association Of Nigeria

The Deejays Association of Nigeria (DJAN), the umbrella body that covers  all event and party Disc Jockeys in Nigeria, will be among the producers for the Amfest Expo Music Day. DJAN, as part of their support for Amfest Expo 2018 will provide Music entertainment all through the 5-day event. They will do a  Deejay showcase on during the…
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Amfest Expo 2018 Music Day Panelist Profile: Steve Babaeko

  In the  years since the turn of the millennium, The Nigeria music industry has slowly but steadily evolved into perhaps the biggest music industry in Africa. Nigerian music is now in high demand all over the world and Nigerian  music acts are signing deals with major international record labels. However there is a need for…
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AmfestExpo’18 Producer Profile: Dr Kunle ‘K-Sticks’ Pinmiloye

 One thing that the  advent of the internet has brought to Africa has been to expose unique African music to the world. These days African music has penetrated the international scene so much that African acts are now signing multi-million dollar recording contracts with foreign labels . Therefore if   you are a musician or a recording artist…
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